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Urban Studies Fellowship: Week 6&7! (Cassandra Calderon)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting last week, but I have been super busy putting together the final report. Between this week and last week I got about 25 new surveys in and I have been compiling all the answers in one big excel spreadsheet. Today is the deadline to turn in all the surveys. Let’s see how many I get. I have really enjoyed getting in new surveys and learning what residents and businesses have to say about the community. 

In order to start writing my final report, I have looked at other survey report findings online. I had not realized how much information one can gather from two short surveys. Both residents and businesses have praised The Woodlands area for its uniqueness, but they all have also stated their main concerns. I decided to create my report on powerpoint because it is easier to edit as I am including numerous charts, graphs, and pictures. As of right now, I have 40 slides. Once I am finished with the report, I will print it in color and bind it.  

As I mentioned before, I have spent these two last weeks putting together my report. I have learned so much already from how to read other social scientific data to how to create and read graphics. I have also gained valuable data analysis skills that I did not have before. 

Before I go, I want to leave you with a sneak peak of two of my slides: 




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